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PLUS for Node-RED

Explore Node-RED's versatility in various applications, from simplifying Industry 4.0, Building 4.0 and Energy 4.0 projects to enabling machine learning and AI.
Low-Code for Technicians

Empowering Technicians: Industry 4.0 Simplified with Node-RED

Machine Learning

Unleashing Potential: Machine Learning Dynamics
with Node-RED

Industry 4.0

Reacting to Data: Node-RED's Impact on Industry 4.0

Energy 4.0

Self-Controlling Systems: Node-RED's Role in Energy 4.0

Edge Computing
with Node-RED

Cutting-Edge Solutions: WAGO's Success with Node-RED

Modbus Energy Monitoring and Retrofitting

Efficient Communication: Modbus Monitoring with Node-RED

Data Collection in Manufacturing

Smart Data Handling: Node-RED's Role in Time Series Data


Learning Reinvented: Node-RED in Educational Environments

Our Packages

Explore Node-RED's versatility in various applications, from simplifying Industry 4.0 and Energy 4.0 projects to enabling machine learning.


  • Client
  • Server
  • Filters
  • MQTT with UMS
  • Methods
  • Register

P4NR OPC UA is the new and reforged industrial OPC UA package for Node-RED! With the new Unified Message Structure (UMS) system, you can easily work with this protocol and even transport it to other protocols like MQTT!

This package is powerful and mighty while being simple and easy to work with!


TCP/IP and Serial
  • TCP/IP
  • Serial
  • RTU*
  • Master (Client)
  • Slave (Server)

Modbus is a widely used communication protocol in industrial automation, facilitating data exchange between devices like PLCs and sensors. Known for its simplicity and versatility, Modbus supports various communication mediums and is widely adopted for real-time data monitoring and control.


Building Automation
  • Client
  • Who is
  • more soon

BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks) is a communication protocol tailored for building automation systems. It standardizes communication between devices such as HVAC, lighting, and security systems. BACnet prioritizes interoperability, enabling diverse devices from different manufacturers to seamlessly communicate and coordinate within a building automation network.

DNP3 (Under Development)

Distributed Network Protocol
toolbox for Node-RED.
  • based on dnp3 library v0.0.x

DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol 3) is a robust and standardized communication protocol for industrial automation, ensuring reliable data exchange between control devices in critical infrastructure. It prioritizes reliability, interoperability, and security for efficient monitoring and control of processes.

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