The brand new OPC UA package to reform the way you think about OPC UA and industrial Node-RED!

Powerful while simple!

Work fast and efficient at the same time!

The new template system of the PLUS for Node-RED packages, you have all the options available while still have it just working right from the start!

The templates allow you to start with a working configuration and change only the options you want to change. E.g. client configuration. You select the 'secured' template and only need to set the endpoint to connect to. Rest assured, your security policy is up to standard!

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New Nodes!

Explore many new OPC UA nodes!

We also added new nodes to the package! The new Method Call node is now ready for use with custom types and a method explorer!

Another new addition are the Register and Alias nodes! They allow you to optimize server resources with almost no extra complexity of your flow!

The biggest improvement to the IIoT OPC UA package is the Client Control node! It can control the client right inside a deployed flow! No more re-deployment of flows because the client disconnected somehow and cannot reconnect!

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